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Lonestar Santiago Cuatro
your price $239 / Retail-270 / Bajo Sexto Click Here For More Info, Colors, & Pictures
OQ40S Cuatro Oscar Schmidt OQ40S Cuatro w/case
your price $TBA/ Retail-369 / Includes Softcase / Mahogany sides and back click here for more info & pictures
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About The Cuatro

The predecessor of the Venezuelan Cuatro is the four-string Spanish guitar which disappeared in the 16th century after a short period of surging popularity. In the 1950s, Fredy Reyna documented the evolution of the renaissance guitar into the Venezuelan Cuatro, and reinvented the Cuatro as a solo instrument, equally capable of rendering traditional Venezuelan music as well as Renaissance pieces. The popularity of the instrument in Venezuela and elsewhere (esp. in Hawaii) may be due to the simplicity of the instrument, having only four strings, as well as its compact size.

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