Johnson JS-800 Electric Guitar / Full Size

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The Johnson JS-800 Stratocaster style is an ideal guitar for the beginner, with its easy maintenance, solid sound, and utmost affordability, what is there not to like? This guitar features a vintage tremolo, 3 single coil pickups, covered diecast tuning machines, solid Alder body and one piece maple neck. Beware: this guitar could become addictive!

New Pickups! Our Del Mar guitars now come with upgraded, high-output pickups. These new pickups are with a drastically increased number of coil windings than our previous pickups. Simply put, more coil windings means more power; power which provides improved tone. These additional precision windings combined with a sharply focused magnetic field gives our new Johnson pickups huge output and long sustain.

Johnson Del Mar guitars are designed to reproduce the classic electric guitar sounds from the '60s. We use a thicker body to help produce that beefy tone associated with the glory days of the guitar. These guitars out-class any others in their price range.

Our Del Mar guitar comes with diecast chrome tuning machines to allow for easy tuning. The neck is made from one piece of solid maple, with an inlaid rosewood neck stripe to give it a classy look. We use computer cut, nickel/silver frets that are well dressed. The solid alder body allows us to give the guitar a beautiful translucent finish. We use only high quality electronics which include high-gain pickups for a better tone, and sealed pots that won't collect dust. The bridge is modeled after the vintage fulcrum bridges and have 6 adjustable saddles. We're confident you won't find a better guitar in this price range.

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